Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Repercussions of Bible Camp

In my current Pathfinder campaign the players decided to all worship Korada. They refer to themselves as Bible Camp, and undertake missions for the church. They all interpret Korada's will slightly differently, and argue over the correct interpretation of faith. (All except the heathen Hunter, who replaced the ascetic Monk after he was crushed-to-death by a giant boa constrictor, but I digress.) 

I love this mechanic. I especially love how it gives them all common ground and acts as a teamwork-inducer, and want to incorporate something like Bible Camp into my next campaign. So I'm already thinking of how, and I've decided to tell the next group that (A) they're working for the church and (B) let them choose which church.

The Church has sent you to Bleak Falls to investigate the ever-increasing strangeness there. Considering there are no ordained priests in Bleak Falls who follow your religion, you’ll likely have to answer the question, “You worship what now?”

Lashoon, God of Commerce
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Holy Color: Yellow
Holy Symbol: A golden pyramid
Holy Texts: The Golden Tablets of Lashoon; The Divine Contract; Selling Souls with the Best Intentions

The Church of Lashoon seeks to help others by helping itself. Lashoonites don’t see themselves as greedy because they often give far more than they receive, but other faiths sometimes criticize their ‘materialistic’ spirituality. Lashoon seeks a peaceful world, free from trade disruptions and profitless wars.

Serenéa, Goddess of Holy Light
Alignment: Neutral Good
Holy Color: Orange
Holy Symbols: A blazing orange sun, often with a woman’s face in an expression of repose
Holy Texts: Trials of the Firebrand; The Holy Writ of Purgation; The Battle Hymn of Sun-Blessed Paragons

Followers of Serenéa are called the Serene. They seek the betterment of all through the relentless purge of evil. They hunt down the undead, the debased, and their supporters wherever they may hide. Other faiths sometimes mistake this righteous zeal for wild-eyed fanaticism, but the Serene know better: They protect the innocent and punish the unjust and, in so doing, create a better world.

Igvar Zom, God of Mysteries
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Holy Color: Blue
Holy Symbols: An open book, a cluster of eyes,
Holy Texts: The Seven Inscrutable Scrolls; What the Squirrels Said; Glokojlokoj’Vorkr’Zee: A Memoir

The Church of Igvar Zom is a repository of indecipherable lore, all of which lends insight into the impossible enigma that is the God of Mysteries. Zomits search the world for the unknown and the unknowable, hoping to reveal truths that the common man could never have understand without the help of the priesthood. Some accuse the Church of being reckless or aloof, but Zomits know they cannot make an Omelet of Universal Truth without cracking a few Eggs of Common Decency and Widely Proscribed Taboos.

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