Friday, February 5, 2016

Gildore's Shop of Wonders is a wonderful resource.

Before running each of the modules in my current campaign, I urge the players to go shopping. Not every item has apparent value, and not every drawback is disclosed. For example, the Hand of Glory is a steal here, but they don’t realize just how many magic rings are going to turn up in the next two adventures. Likewise, the Ring of Protection is a good deal, but the vinegar smell actually led to the monk’s untimely death, as a giant constrictor snake was able to smell him while he was scouting and attack him alone.

Enjoy at your own risk.

Art by Tony DiTerlizzi

Gildore is a Tengu merchant who often works with the Freehold Adventurers’ Guild. He travels the length and breadth of the land searching for rare and unique treasures. The following is a sample of his current stock.

+1 Breastplate – 1215 gp (10% discount) 
A distinctive suit of polished steel armor with a stylized lion’s head embossed upon the chest. Yes, its previous owner died while wearing it; he died looking incredible.

Arcane Scroll (Caster Level 5): Color Spray
– 75 gp (25% discount)
This scroll is simply Color Spray written four times on expensive vellum. The author was apparently worried he would be caught without Color Spray when he needed it most. Don’t let his paranoid nightmares become your reality! Buy now!

Divine Scroll (Caster Level 10)Break Enchantment
– 955 gp (15% discount)
This ancient piece of parchment is would have crumbled to dust long ago if not for the runes of power inscribed upon it.

Hand of Glory – 3000 gp (25% discount)
This mummified hand once belonged to the necromancer Voorga, leader of the Council of the Blasphemous Sign, who was slain by heroes during the reign of the Devil Lich. Probably anyway.

Potion of Gaseous Form – 675 gp (10% discount)
This luminous potion is contained in a wax-sealed glass jar. For some reason, it may also turn your hair white when you drink it. For some other reason, the change is permanent. Gildore doesn’t know why. Stop asking him dumb questions.

Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds – 270 gp (10% discount)
This suspicious viscous scarlet potion smells salty. Best not to ask.

Ring of Protection +1 – 1800 gp (10% discount)
A finely crafted electrum ring set with amethysts. It protects its wearer from bodily harm and, strangely, causes its wearer to smell faintly of vinegar. Magic is weird sometimes. Just go with it.

Wand of Acid Arrow (9 of 50 charges) – 810 gp
This heavy elm wand looks like it means business. It’s covered in bloodstains, runes, and ichor. Gildore assures you it still works if you know how to use it.

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