Monday, May 22, 2017

And here are some magic items for you to use and enjoy

Drawing by Dreadweasel

I wish I'd drawn this. Potential treasure from a Chameleon-Woman Sorceress.

Drawing by... crap, I dunno. It's some old D&D drawing. Google Axe of Dwarvish Lords or something? Anyway it's a riff on a 4th ed magic item I really dug from the Planar Adventures book. Wordy but not too complex.

Drawing by someone else. Rest in peace, Jack Prescott.

Didn't do the drawing here either.

Yeah! I totally drew the art for this one. I dig how it turned out, too.

And this is just a blatant copy-paste of a sweet-ass sword from Dark Souls. I like these rules over older editions rules for Vampiric Swords, though. Maybe. Dunno. My players haven't found this one yet.

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