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Sewer Rats Primer (Chesterwick Part 2)

This is a long overdue continuation of this post about the Sewer Rats.

The year is 1542, and you've got the most thankless job in the Empire. If you don't die fighting oozes in a shit-pipe, you might just retire young and rich! And full of trauma, but whatever, gold pieces pay for therapy, so go on - get in there, draw your blade, and stop complaining about the smell!

Sheldon: Senile old human (?) druid. Primary questgiver. Can also provide curse removal and disease-curing services, though it’s a total crap-shoot as to whether or not it’ll work.
Captain Turk: Cocksure halfling fighter and veteran Sewer Rat. Competition / clean-up. Always gunning for your glory and taking your quests.
Gorgool: Earth Elemental. Will pay you with raw gold for metal, gems, and jewelry, and vice versa.
Grandma Hiderender: Retired half-orc barbarian. Buys and sells low-level magic items. Tells great stories from her wild killin’ and revelin’ days.
Maeve: Disgraced apprentice witch. Half-elf. Slightly mad. She helps write spells and collect material components for arcane casters who need that kind of thing.
Jerome: Intelligent, free-willed zombie. Leader of the Undead Collective.  Not a Sewer Rat, but very familiar with the sewers, and helpful toward the Guild.

Other Factions
The Kings’ Guard. Royal knights fond of taking all the credit whenever they intercede. They’re a big authority on all sorts of Fighter/Paladin stuff.
The Alchemists Guild. Notorious polluters who hate paying taxes.
Netherstorm University. The city’s premiere college of wizardry.
Akaga Dojo. Continuing a fine tradition of martial training and philosophy.
The Undead Collective. The city’s civic-minded, free-willed undead.
The Dwarf Quarter. Divided between Roeni mountain-dwarves who want to overthrow the king and city-dwarves who like Chesterwick better. They worship Moradin and (allegedly) give espionage quests.
The Thieves’ Guild. They’ve got a truce with the Sewer Rats at the beginning of the campaign, but that may change. They keep track of how much gold the PCs are accumulating and don’t like it when the Rats kill their members. Rogue stuff.
The Steamfitters’ Union. An endless source of escort quests and obnoxious NPCs.
The Great Library. Not affiliated with Netherstorm University, and they’ll let you know it, too, even if you don’t care. They’re mostly Clerics of Cobb, god of knowledge, and they’ll buy weird books and religious paraphernalia. They’re also a great source of general information. Cleric/Warlock stuff.
The Church of Heironeous. The ultra-baroque chivalric arch-paladin god watches over his people, and sometimes gives them quests. Cleric/Paladin stuff.
Stabby’s Place. The black-market, kobold-run undercity bar that every fantasy city needs.
The Lich King. The real ruler behind the scenes. High level stuff.
The Duergar. They really want to invade and take over the city.
The Stone Circle. Druids who are very concerned that life isn’t being extinguished willy-nilly, and will quite likely protest against most of the stuff the PCs do once they find out.
The Temple of Dagoth. Discount hexes and bingo on Thursdays. Side-quest-givers for evil PCs.

General Random Encounters in the Sewers (d100)
2d4 Rat Swarms
2d4 Wererats
1d6 Giant Spiders
3d6 Zombies
1d4 Gargoyles
3d10 Bandits (d6: 1-4 no leader, 5 5th level Fighter, 6 6th level Warlock)
Oozes (d6: 1-3 Gray Ooze, 4-5 Ochre Jelly, 6 Black Pudding)
No Encounter
Roll three times and triple the number of dice used to determine # of enemies.

Random Side-Quest Generator
The Stone Circle
Needs you to rescue one of their novice members from…
The Spider Pits
The Steamfitters’ Union
Is being threatened by a group of bloodthirsty bandits who are hiding in...
The Ant Caves
The Undead Collective
Discovered a screeching monolith; it’s awful and they want you to get rid of it by returning it to…
The Lost City of Zinje
The Alchemists’ Guild
One of their high-ranking members is sick and can only be cured by a fungus that grows in…
The Sinking Quarter
Netherstorm University
Lost an important McGuffin ages ago, but new information leads them to believe it’s in the…
The Old, Skull-filled Temple of Erythnul
The Church of Heironeous
Needs to perform a ritual / fix a pipe / etc., except there is a rampaging plutonium elemental who killed the last crew, and it was last seen in…
The Gypsum Caverns
The Thieves Guild
Needs you to scout out this place and make a map.
Be thorough. Don’t ask stupid questions.
The Dripping Forest
Akaga Dojo
Has important business in a weird spot, and needs bodyguards to make it safely through…
The Canyon of the Wurm
The Dwarf Quarter
Roll d8. It’s just like that, only a pack of gargoyles stalks the PCs the whole time and attack them if they get into a fight with something else.
The Pit of Annihilation
The Great Library
Roll d8. It’s just like that only there is an undisclosed faction opposed to it and they will send 2d6 Assassins to stop the Sewer Rats in their tracks.
The Duergar Pipes

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