Monday, October 10, 2016

Now Playing

Haven't done a post in forever. Here's an update on my gaming life as it stands today (10/10/2016). It kinda looks like I game five nights a week, but at most it's two. Because, you know, people work and sleep at bullshit like that.

Pathfinder (P6). P6 is a variant of Pathfinder in which characters reach max level at 6 instead of 20. Based on E6, it's essentially a way to keep the world feeling gritty and dark, while still incorporating the satisfying mechanical crunch of a third-ed system. I'm running Session 8 of a campaign I'm calling The Hall of Lanterns this evening, and I'm pretty stoked for it. Here's how I do Pathfinder stat blocks now:

Wraith. AC 18/18/15, hp 47, F+6 R+4 W+6, CMB +6/CMD 21. Melee touch +6 (1d6 negative + 1d6 CON [Fort DC 17 negates]; wraith gains +5 temp h.p. on each successful drain). Creates spawn in 1d4 rounds. Notices and locates all living things within 60 feet. Can’t attack and is staggered in sunlight.

Wraith-Spawn: As wraith, but with -2 penalty on all d20 rolls, 37 hp, and 1d2 CON drain.

All the relevant details are there... I already know it's an incorporeal undead because I've been playing D&D for a million years now, but if you're new, you might need more notations or just be cool with the bloated Pathfinder stat-blocks that currently exist. I like these short-hand versions 'cause they let me fit ten monsters on a page of paper.

Anyway, it's heavily influenced by Bloodborne and the Titanomachy. Might be one of my favorite ever homebrew worlds. I have no doubt I'll write about it later.

Nabbed this from the Steam Community page for S.T.A.L.K.E.R, artist unknown.

Mutant Year Zero. I'm playing a Stalker class (see above) who is also a bio-luminescent amphibian-mutant. I have shit for gear, so I basically look like Abe Sapien cosplaying as Paddington Bear. So far I've nearly killed myself by finding every cactus patch in the wasteland and scouting it with my face. My friends are a cannibal chef who is essentially Roadhog from Overwatch, a plant-man dressed like Donald Duck, the amazon villainess from Deadpool only she breathes fire and eats rot and thinks she's Emelia Clarke, and a four-armed musician who will never learn Wonderwall because of the Apocalypse. Two sessions in and we're trapped on a burnt-out hospital roof waiting for literal bee-people to play us a cassette tape that shows us the Truth of the Universe. I fucking love RPGs. We're playing like once every two weeks, and that's perfect.

Iron Kingdoms (Immortality). Neat system. Trying it out on a whim with a meet-up group; we're on session three and we meet like, once a month. I play a Knight-Cutthroat and basically just smash things. The campaign module is pretty much a railroad but the GM is really good at thinking on his feet so he adapts to let us get away with quirky stuff we want to do, and I really appreciate that. We all still go in on the railroad conceit and don't make life too hard for him, or at least, most of us do. The people who aren't me.

Good ol' D&D. Our long-standing Friday night campaign usually falls apart in the late summer, but comes back in November. We're in a kind of hiatus as we sort through odd schedules and try to find a time that works for us. I've been alternating between the deposed King of the Mole-Men and a pyromaniac fire-gnome Sorcerer and I'll be happy to play either character again, when it happens.

OD&D. Old school stuff. This is the Yoon-Suin campaign with Sigilis. We've done about three sessions since April. Scheduling has been rough. Even so, it's a fun campaign and I enjoy it when we play it.

So yeah, 4-5 active player characters and one campaign that I'm DMing. I live a pretty sweet life.

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